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The Classic and Sports Car Show

Last weekend I visited the Classic and Sports Car Show held at Alexandra Palace in North London. It was quite an intimate show, with an emphasis on the best of British, and had some quite stunning examples of classic cars. The show was mostly made up of dealer stands rather than collectors exhibits, so it was interesting to see the kinds of prices that such vehicles are fetching now.

My personal classic car favourite is the Jaguar E-Type and there were lots of beautiful examples there including the original vehicle used at the model’s Geneva launch! Also, seeing an old Alfa Romeo Montreal bought a smile to my face as my father had one locked away in a garage for years when I was a child. It was his pride and joy for a long time and we still have pictures of it in the office today!

If you are a classic car collector or have a developing interest, GT can source Classic Cars from various destinations around the world and export them to wherever you are. Looking for classic vehicles in other countries gives you a broader range of choice and even allows the opportunity for the occasional bargain!

See below for photos of some of the things that caught my eye at the show:

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20151030_150358 20151030_150420


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